Sapphire style: 5 reasons brides love sapphire engagement rings

It’s no surprise that colored gemstones are big in the engagement ring market. They are bold and beautiful, unique, and give the wearer a stylish, stand-out look that makes it the perfect prewedding band.

You are looking for the best blue sapphire rings Sydney can offer? Here are six reasons.

1.Blue sapphire rings are unique

Blue sapphire rings make the best engagement rings. Why? Because no two blue-sapphire stones are exactly alike. It is a completely custom-made engagement band.

Blue sapphires are available in all cuts and aren’t restricted by particular styles. Select the blue sapphire stone that you want to be your bride-tobe, and voila! A well-sized and proportioned Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring will be delivered to you.

2.Sapphires are cheaper than diamonds

The market is not monopolized like the diamond industry. Because of this, prices don’t go crazy.

The sapphire business is a diverse one. Because there are so many people involved, it’s not as expensive as diamonds. Sapphires are unique and rarer than diamonds. They can still be a beautiful option without the expensive price tag.

3.Sapphires offer incredible durability

Moh’s scale of hardness places Sapphires at 9 which is incredibly strong, as well as being extremely scratch-resistant. The Apple Watch is protected with synthetic sapphire (a human-made, chemically and physically identical sapphire), which will show you just how strong and resistant these magnificent gems are.

Emeralds, another gem, do not offer the same level strength or scratch resistance as sapphires. This makes emeralds one of the most popular and reliable choices for engagement bands.

4. They have stunning designs.

Sapphires have stunning beauty. These magnificently beautiful gems offer a wide range of colour options, including deep blues that change to lightening shades.

One reason why sapphires make up the majority of engagement ring stones is that they are so captivating and can inspire wonder and amazement.

5. They offer a stunning contrast to ‘s wedding ring

If you want to keep wearing your engagement rings alongside your wedding band, then you will quickly realize that the contrast between your – possibly diamond–wedding ring and blue sapphire is striking.

6.Sapphires increasing in value

We aren’t suggesting you should ever sell your ring or sapphire ring. But it is nice to be aware that the value of the gemstone is so revered and beautiful that it continues to rise in value all over the world.

These rare gems are becoming increasingly popular with auction houses worldwide. They are attracting buyers who are looking to collect them for their personal collections.

The rising popularity and hence value of the stunning blue sapphire is a testimony to the beauty and elegance of this gem and makes it a great choice for an engagement ring.

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