The Best Dried Flowers for Brightening Up Your Living Room

A great way for your living area to be brightened up and improved is to add flowers. While fresh flowers tend to get the most love, it’s worth checking out this dried floral collection. It will show you how dried flowers can transform your living area. They look beautiful, and they can last a long time.

Like resilient plant, dried flower decor is great for those who may not be the best at paying attention to flowers. Caring flowers is easy.

Which dried flowers are best to brighten up a living room or improve the aesthetics of your house? Continue reading to find the answer.

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass has been a staple in dried flower history. They are beautiful and large, and they can be used in conjunction with almost any other dried flower. They are very fashionable right now.

Although they are large and whimsical, they can still be used to spotlight other decor and blooms. They are great for adding a bit of personality to your space. You can also find them in other colors if your space is more bold.

Dried Craspedia

Craspedia will bring happiness and joy to your space. These plants can be dried to retain their beautiful round shape and bright yellow coloring. These plants are great when getting your house ready for spring. Each stem is like a little yellow ball and instantly brings joy to your face.

You can put them in a vase alone, or add them to an arrangement with other flowers. Due to their small size, these flowers can be arranged in one arrangement.


Many of the flowers that we have seen so far can be displayed in a vase or bouquet. However, you don’t need to do this to showcase some stunning dried flowers. The strawflower is an example. These can be displayed just like normal but many people opt to display their heads and not the entire flower.

These flowers can be used in several ways. You can place them in a vase, scatter them across a table, or add a few pieces to different areas or decor. Strawflowers have a remarkable ability to retain their shape, as well as their bright and cheerful colors, even after being dried. This is why you see them so often and how they look so beautiful.


Lavender is without doubt one of the most beloved flowers that people can interact with. It can be stored fresh, but it can also used to make lotions or essential oils. It’s beautiful with its delicate pink flowers. However, the pleasant scent can help people relax.

However, you can keep it fresh and dried lavender will make it look even better. It will maintain its calm, soothing aroma and can be added to any dried arrangement.

Larkspur can be used as a substitute for lavender if you have been using it a lot. It is beautiful and looks very much like lavender.

Baby’s breath

Baby’s breeches, also known by gypsophila are tiny flowers that require you to get up close and personal to fully appreciate. These flowers are very common among florists, fresh and dry.

It is often the flowers’ long, slender stems that give them their unique shape. The dried heads can look amazing, however, it is also possible to make a beautiful display of them.

These flowers, once dried, look incredibly elegant and emit a neutral vibe that would work well in any living area.


Snowflake flowers are unlike any other flower. While they are most commonly found in white, they also come in other colors. These flowers can be used to add a subtle hint of pink to any dried bouquet or arrangement. While they have a very small bloom, close inspection can reveal all the beauty and detail these unique flowers possess.

When you press these flowers, make sure that you do it carefully. They are delicate and may easily break or become damaged if you don’t care enough. You can use them as an accent to larger arrangements or blooms once they have dried.


The loofah plant is commonly associated with the things you use in the shower. A loofah plant can be part of many dried floral arrangements. It can create a unique look that is both interesting and different. Also, its plain and muted colour works well in contrast to brighter flowers. You can match it with more neutral and pale colors, if this is the style you prefer.

Although they are quite simple to make, you can purchase dried loofah plants ready to add to your arrangement.

While fresh flowers are most loved, dried flowers can bring life to your space. All of the above mentioned dried flowers can look great in your living area, depending upon the decor and design.

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