Mats For Warehouses-What Should You Choose?

Many customers come to us asking for help in choosing the right mats for their warehouses. There are hundreds of mats on the market, with each one claiming to be superior to the others, making it difficult to make the right choice. 

Workstation Mats

This is used in areas where workers stand in one place for long periods of the day, usually in front of their designated workstation.

What mat should you choose?

Anti-fatigue mats can be a great choice because they increase comfort and reduce fatigue caused by prolonged standing on hard floors. 


It is used in areas where people move about in the same places throughout the day. This could be used for picking up and packing or racking.

What mat should you choose?

To cover long distances quickly and easily, anti-fatigue runners can be simply rolled along the aisles. Because workers are more mobile than workstation mats and needless cushioning, a rubber roll mat is a great choice.

Non-Slip Safety Mats

Non-slip safety mats should be used in areas that require traction, such as in wet or greasy places.

What mat should you choose?

A rubber mat with a tread surface will provide good traction. The liquid won't sit on the surface of the mat if it is either a bi-level or with drainage holes.

Dust control mats

This is used to prevent dust from being tracked into other areas in the warehouse, or out of the warehouse into other parts of the building. The typical location to use a dust control rug is between the warehouse and office.

What mat should you choose?

Mats made of cotton and mats with a twisted loop pile are great at holding on to dust and fine dirt. You can use tacky mats or other specialist mats to get rid of fine dirt and dust. Tacky mats have an adhesive layer that must be changed or cleaned after it has been soiled.

Forklift Mats

Forklifts' tires can collect dirt as they move merchandise in and out of warehouses. These mats can be used at warehouse doors to stop forklifts or other wheeled traffic from running over them.

What mat should you choose?

Forklift mats should be able to support the weight of a loaded forklift and not move or become damaged. The mats must be able to scrape, wipe and store dirt from the tires until they can be cleaned at night.

Signage Mats

Signs are often plastered on walls, which can lead to them being ignored. Signage mats on the floor are an alternative. They can be used to communicate important messages, warnings, or directions.

What mat should you choose?

A logo mat and custom logo rugs that clearly displays your message is the best choice. As you only have a few seconds to convey your message, it is best to keep it simple.

Floor Protection Mats

Use under heavy machinery, equipment, or on walkways that could be damaged or worn.

What mat should you choose?

You need a mat that can support heavy machinery and products. Floor protection mats that are rubber reinforced or made from dense compounds are suitable. You should select a runner mat that will withstand the elements, depending on the traffic in the area. 

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