Reasons You Might Need To Call A Plumber

While an increasing number of individuals are jumping on the do-it-yourself (DIY) bandwagon to save money on home repairs, there will always be times when hiring a professional is the best option.

If you're only doing minor repairs, pulling out the tools yourself might not be such a bad idea.

However, if there is an emergency that requires quick care, calling a competent expert is the best option. It may be a little more expensive, but at least you'll know that whatever has to be corrected will be addressed properly.

This is especially true in the case of a plumbing emergency. Running water is a crucial aspect of any home or structure, therefore any plumbing difficulties must be handled.

If you're not sure when to call a plumber, here are seven frequent causes to help you decide:


1. Insufficient Water Pressure

Low water pressure may be highly inconvenient since it takes much longer to complete critical chores such as cleaning the dishes or taking a shower. If you're having this issue, a clogged aerator might be the cause.

While you may be tempted to unscrew the aerator and clean it yourself, dig around to remove the clog, or conduct some light scouring, you risk inflicting further harm due to the numerous moving components.

In this instance, you should contact a Baulkham Hills plumber who will be able to determine the specific cause of the low water pressure.

A plumber will swiftly and correctly assess what's causing the problem and solve it using their knowledge and skills.


2. Stoppages In Drains Or Sinks

Grease, hair, food, even toys, and tree roots are the most typical reasons for clogged sinks or drains. Such a small problem can swiftly develop if left unchecked.

While most homes would use drain-cleaning products to remedy the problem, this is a band-aid approach that works only temporarily and does not address the underlying source of the obstruction.

A certified plumber, on the other hand, will be able to fully fix the issue since they have the necessary tools and equipment.

The auger is one such piece of equipment that is quite effective at removing any obstructions.


3. Pipes That Are Leaking

If you observe water stains on the ceiling, cabinet, or floor, this is confirmation that a pipe is leaking someplace. The longer your pipes leak, the more damage they may bring to your property.

Don't try to find a leaky pipe on your own since it may be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention hazardous, as a false move could result in pipes exploding behind the walls.

This can cause your home to flood, raising the overall cost of repairs even higher.

Hiring a trained plumber will help you avoid this problem.

Professional plumbers can readily detect the exact position of a leaking pipe, whether it's beneath the property's foundation, in the yard, or behind the wall, thanks to their knowledge.


4. There Isn't Any Hot Water

Most people fear taking a cold shower, especially during the winter.

Aside from bathing, a shortage of hot water can have an impact on how you do laundry and cook, making it critical that this problem be handled as soon as possible.

A major cause of full hot water loss is that the system requires repair or is destroyed.

In such instances, you should avoid the urge to undertake the repairs yourself because a hot water system frequently includes gas and electrical components.

You risk harming yourself and inflicting damage to your house because you lack the necessary knowledge and experience. The best answer is to call a certified plumber who can properly identify and repair the problem.


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