5 Things To Do To Get Bookings

The vacation rental market is booming with couples looking for romantic getaways. You should adapt your home to meet their needs. Find out how to target couples when renting vacation homes!

  1. Write A Romantic Description, And Then Show Beautiful Photos

The first thing couples notice when they are looking for romantic accommodations is a headline and an inspiring description of the vacation key west fl rental. Showcase your holiday home romantically in words and pictures. Potential guests will be able to see and feel the home when they visit your vacation rental by adding stunning photos to your listing. You can learn more about how to create a great listing description, and how you can take amazing vacation rental photos.

  1. Specials And Promotions

Couples may be simply looking for a romantic getaway or to have fun together. Anniversaries, Valentine’s day, honeymoons, mini-moons (i.e. These special occasions are often celebrated over a weekend following the wedding celebrations.

Providing specials and promotions to these events will draw them to your holiday house and add that extra touch to their experience. It will make it memorable. You can welcome them with rose petals, flowers, or a romantic basket filled with chocolates, scented candles, and wine. You can make your honeymoon memorable by giving them flowers, rose petals, chocolates, and a bottle of wine. Learn more about how to increase direct bookings using promo codes and other special offers.

  1. Relaxation And Spa Experience

A relaxing getaway is more romantic than anything. Hot tubs and pools are two of the most sought-after amenities for couples looking to have a relaxing time together. Because they are so popular, many vacation rental websites allow guests the ability to search for properties using these search terms. You should clearly state in your listing the features and facilities that you offer.

Your guests will be delighted if you offer spa products such as bath products and scented candles, extra towels, and sheets, and other items that are suitable for their needs. These items may not be available in your holiday home. You could connect to nearby spas or massage centers for couples.

  1. Get In The Mood

An ambiance is essential for a romantic getaway. Creating a romantic atmosphere with warm light and dimmers will make your guests feel at home in your vacation home. You can add lighting from multiple sources to your home, rather than just one overhead light. Also, consider adding battery-operated candles and lights from other sources to create that magical feeling. You could also offer quality sheets and blankets along with a basket for your guests. This will add to the intimate atmosphere. It is also possible to mention in the listing whether the property has champagne or wine glasses.

  1. You Must Take Care Of Their Security And Privacy

Romantic guests will value privacy and won’t mind if someone else sees them. They will be able to relax and enjoy their time by installing curtains. Curtains should be thick, or light-blocking to help set the mood.

Your guests will be curious to learn about the security measures in your vacation rental. You should also mention in your listing whether the holiday home has safes for valuables and if there are monitoring devices or surveillance cameras on the property. Guests must be made aware of any recording or camera equipment before they arrive.

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