Should you hire a tax attorney or a back tax assistance company?

Many people who are looking to resolve their tax issues are unsure whether they should hire a tax attorney or a back tax assistance company. Both can solve tax issues and are experts in their fields. So, which is the better option?

How to choose between a tax attorney and a back tax assistance company?

The primary distinction between a back tax assistance company and a tax attorney is that a back tax assistance company is a group of professionals that includes tax attorneys, tax professionals, and, in some cases, enrolled agents and certified public accountants (CPAs). A tax attorney, on the other hand, is a tax lawyer who specializes in tax laws and tax codes and can represent taxpayers before the IRS and in court.

The type of tax issue you have will determine whether you choose a back tax assistance company or a tax attorney. If you believe that hiring a lawyer will help you solve your problem, you should do so. If you want more comprehensive assistance, such as dealing with paperwork, tax returns, back taxes, liens, other non-compliance, and so on, hiring a back tax assistance company is unquestionably a better option.

If you are dealing with complicated tax issues with the IRS, having an entire team of tax professionals in one location is advantageous. In such cases, a back tax assistance service can assist you with every aspect, including representation, document acquisition, negotiations with the IRS, and complex paperwork.

What can a tax relief service help you with?

Back tax assistance services include back tax resolution, stopping IRS liens and levies, handling IRS audits, responding to IRS notices, and more. They house qualified and experienced tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and other tax professionals who contribute their knowledge to the resolution of a tax problem.

The benefits of the combined efforts of tax professionals become important in complicated tax issues such as stopping a lien, resolving back taxes for financially strained taxpayers, bank levies, wage garnishments, in-depth IRS audits, in-person IRS audits, and so on. A legitimate back tax assistance company can save you from having to deal with the IRS on your own. Even in simple cases where you only require representation by a tax lawyer, a back tax assistance service can provide the necessary assistance.

How to seek assistance?

If you discover that the tax problem you are dealing with is too complex for you to handle on your own, you can seek the help of a back tax assistance company or an accountant or a tax professional.

Polston Tax offers a free consultation, which allows you to check the credentials of the tax professionals working there and determine whether the service they provide is of high quality. You should be cautious of illegitimate scam back tax assistance companies. Before hiring, always conduct a background check on the company and, if possible, speak with their previous customers.

If you want to hire a tax attorney, you can do some online research and background checks to find one who has experience dealing with the type of tax problem you’re dealing with. You could also ask your friends and family to assist you in finding the right person for the job.

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