What are the Benefits of Getting a Card for Medical Marijuana?

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Missouri now allows adult-use cannabis to be purchased by anyone over 21. But it’s still a good idea to get your medical marijuana cards. Certain benefits are available to medical cardholders when it comes down to purchasing cannabis. Here’s a look at what makes someone want to apply for their medical cannabis card.

Why Not Get Your Medical Marijuana Card?

Many people believe that, because marijuana has been legalized in MA, there is no need to get a medical marijuana card. There are many attractive benefits to being a cardholder.

Save Money

Missouri charges an excise fee, a sales tax, and a tax on recreational cannabis. The total tax added for recreational cannabis customers is approximately 20 percent. The medical marijuana card allows you to waive these taxes. The annual registration fee is required for the medical card. However, this cost can be quickly recouped because you don’t have any taxes to pay with every purchase.

Access to both Recreational As Well As Medical Menus

Mass cardholders who have medical marijuana cards can order recreational or medical marijuana. Dispensaries must also set aside 35% of their entire inventory to be available for medical patients. You, the cardholder, have priority over all other adult customers.

Higher Purchase Limit

The purchase limits for medical card holders are different from those of recreational customers. Only medical card holders may purchase up to a minimum of 10 ounces or a supply of 60 days. A recreational customer can purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana at a single time. Up to 10 ounces of marijuana are the limits on cannabis possession within a primary residence. But, any amount over one ounce must always be kept in a locked container.

What Conditions Qualify For A Missouri Medical Card?

Any chronic medical illness that causes significant, ongoing pain or muscular spasms.

Also, a qualifying condition for a Missouri medical permit can be any condition for which your doctor feels medical marijuana should be used. This makes Missouri one of the most liberal states for medical marijuana, which allows patients to quickly access the medicine that they require. This is good news also for the opioid epidemic in Missouri, which is on the rise year by year. Medical marijuana is less addictive than opioids and has been shown to be more effective in relieving pain than opioids.

Missouri has the general qualifications, but there are specific conditions that qualifying conditions for medical card in Missouri.


Cancer is the first qualifying condition that the Missouri constitution includes. Medical marijuana may be used by cancer patients for variety of reasons. One reason that medical marijuana is used to treat nausea following chemotherapy is the most popular. It can also increase appetite, which chemotherapy destroys quickly. It can be used to alleviate anxiety or neuropathy symptoms that may also be associated with cancer.


Missouri’s medical card allows for epilepsy to be listed. It is one of the most researched conditions and conditions for medical marijuana. Epidiolex has an FDA-approved medication. This synthetic form of cannabidiol is for patients over 2 with Dravet syndrome or Lennox–Gastaut.


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