The Importance Of Hiring A Lawyer Following A Dog Bite

According to the CDC, one out of every 69 individuals is bitten by a dog in 2017. When you think about it for a second, that’s a lot of people. Dog bites are not only common, but they may also result in major medical issues in many circumstances. Along with comprehending the seriousness of these injuries, you must contact a dog bite attorney Denver to explore your case further. We’ll go into why this step is so important later.

What Causes A Serious Dog Bite?

A dog bite should not be dismissed as a minor injury. If you have been bitten by a dog, you must seek medical assistance immediately. Here are some of the reasons why these bites might be considered major medical issues:

  • Rabies: If you don’t know the dog that bit you, rabies is very probably present in the bite. Rabies spreads by saliva, making it readily transmitted if the dog has this extremely fatal disease.
  • Illnesses: Two frequent infections induced by dog bites are MRSA and Pasteurella. If not treated appropriately, both of these diseases can cause significant problems.
  • Blood Loss: Without prompt medical intervention, a deep bite can result in significant blood loss. To seal the incision, stitches and, in certain cases, surgery may be required.
  • Tendon And Muscle Injury: Depending on the power of the bite, internal damage to tendons and muscles may occur, necessitating surgery.

All of the ailments listed above need medical attention. In other circumstances, long-term therapy may be required, which can result in financial constraints that can spiral out of control. This is just another reason why you should choose a personal injury lawyer.

Pet Owners Are Accountable

Dogs will bite for several reasons. We’ve seen people do it for protection, stress relief, and even just to have fun. Small children are frequently victims because they inadvertently place themselves in a position that might irritate a dog to the point of biting. But, in the end, it is the pet owner’s responsibility to keep the dog under control.

“My dog would never bite somebody,” dog owners frequently claim. Unfortunately, this is something we hear all the time. However, when placed in stressful situations, dogs become unpredictable. Pet owners in Oregon are required by law to govern their pets to the best of their abilities.

In Search Of Compensation For Your Injuries

If you were harmed by a dog bite, there is little doubt that you should seek compensation. The amount of your payout will be determined by the specifics of the dog bite occurrence.

However, keep in mind that the circumstances surrounding each incidence will affect the result of your case. This is why having a personal injury lawyer who can fight for the cash you need to support your injuries is critical.

To Take On The Insurance Companies, You’ll Need A Lawyer

Don’t allow the insurance company to bullies you by blaming you for the dog bite that occurred. Many insurance companies will try to falsely claim that the victim provoked the dog, causing the bite to occur. An expert personal injury lawyer would not let the insurance company get away with such deception.

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