The 10 Benefits Of 3D Product Configuration Software

While many businesses have used 3D product configurator software for years ago, most manufacturers don’t use this tool. Manufacturers are now beginning to recognize the benefits of product configurator tool software.

A 3D product configuration tool can be a great help in simplifying the ordering process for customers. It can also improve conversion rates. It is also a great way to capture customer information that can be used in other marketing efforts.

This article will show you 10 benefits that product configurator software can bring to manufacturers.

1. Interactive 3d Visualization

The user interface is friendly and allows customers to view how the product changes when they add or remove elements, increase or decrease the size, as well as changing the color. 3D visualization gives customers the ability to see their creations from every angle. Customers can be confident that the product will look and behave exactly like the picture they see.

2. Access Products From Every Device

One of the greatest things about a 3D product designer is that you can access it from your desktop, tablet, smartphone, or intelligent kiosk at trade shows. Sales reps can show potential customers the product and then configure it for them and place their order.

3. Customer Satisfaction Is Key

All manufacturers know that customer satisfaction matters. Customers love to see a product before buying it. If you can show them how it will look when they receive it, they will likely be more satisfied once they do. Giving customers a 3D view of the product manufacturer reduces back-and-forth calls, phone calls, and visits to the store.

4. Integration Seamless With Third-Party Software

Modern configurators can easily be integrated with third parties systems, including CRMs, ERPs, and CMSs. These integrations expand the product configurator’s capabilities and enable manufacturers to create sales opportunities, track orders, and collect data. A database can also be used to integrate the configurator into a system that stores customer information and specific configuration parameters.

5. Reduce Your Costs

Product configurator software allows salespeople in manufacturing to finally be able to deal with strategic sales. This reduces the time your sales reps spend on transactional calls.

Similar to the above, a 3D configurator decreases the number of CAD drawing sales rep needs to show customers to make a sale.

6. Reduced Order Cycles

Using CPQ software to help customers go from configuration to pricing to quoting, can reduce the time it takes. Configurator software can assist manufacturers in speeding up their processes and pushing information to other systems that will give them better insights into the order. A configurator enables sales reps to quickly present multiple configurations to customers and help them recommend the best.

7. Simplified Processes

Data silos represent one of the greatest challenges for manufacturers, as most factory processes can be separated. A CPQ allows manufacturers across many industries to automate product pricing, design, and order. With a configurator, sales reps can be trained to offer guided selling solutions across various channels.

8. Gamified Selling

Configurators are fun and easy. You can use one like a Lego set, where certain pieces work together and some don’t. Customers have the option to create a product from scratch using a CPQ solution. Gamification allows manufacturers to provide retailers and manufacturers with additional value through the use of collected information to delight customers.

9. Fewer Quote Errors

3D Product Configurators create products made to order that include detailed information about the requirements of your customers. This will make it easier to coordinate manufacturing and selling processes, which reduces the possibility of errors. A 3D configurator allows customers to receive personalized support and automated feasibility checks.

10. More Cross-Sell & Upsell Opportunities

Customers can create large orders quickly with a configurator. Because manufacturers may offer customization options, salespeople have cross-selling and upward-selling opportunities. One advantage to product configurators is the ability for salespeople to quickly get to know their customers and their budget.

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