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On What Should You Focus Your Writing?

This blog is mostly concerned with the following topics: home renovation, business money, automobile lifestyle, technology, family/parenting vacation, and entertainment.

You are more than welcome to make suggestions for potential themes in advance of the writing. Do not make the mistake of asking us to make subject suggestions for you.

What Format Should You Use For It?

Before you give us anything, make sure it passes the “Your Writing Needs to be Excellent” test by running it via Newsfuzhou.com. Since one of our primary goals is to assist our users in developing their writing skills, we would appear to be acting hypocritically if the quality of our guest contributions was subpar.

We look for an attention-grabbing title, a solid introduction, a coherent argument, and a helpful ending paragraph in a piece of writing.

Check to see that it does not come off as an advertisement for your website or product.

What Aspects Should You Incorporate?

Please ensure that your post has at least one link to previous entries already present on the Newsfuzhou.com blog.

At the very bottom of your submission, please provide a short bio of no more than two sentences.

Where Can I Get The Guidelines?

We know it’s boring, but there are a few simple guidelines you need to follow to have your article published on our site:

  • Always present only unique stuff (as a guest post).

  • Ensure that your guest post contains material of the highest possible quality and relevance at all times.

  • Links that serve just the author’s interests should only be allowed in the by-line, and the main text should have none of them.

  • We apologize, but as of right now, we do not link to any essay-writing services. We are adamant that it is the students themselves who should be authoring their papers.

Would You Be Interested In Having Us Contribute A Post?

We also like contributing as guest writers to other wonderful blogs. If you would like Newsfuzhou.com to provide some writing advice and strategies for your website, then do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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